The Site and related applications may collect personal data from its users.

Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy hold the meanings assigned to them in the Terms & Conditions.

The Privacy Policy discloses the manner in which BlizzBroz collects, maintains, and uses information from each User of the BlizzBroz.com website (“Site”).  This privacy policy is applicable to the Site and all products and services BlizzBroz offers.  Certain information provided by users may be subject to different protection standards.  In order to learn more about the different protection criteria, please refer to the section on applicability.

Information Collection Practices

The Site may collect information from each User in a variety of ways.  For example, users may be asked for their name, email, address, phone number, and credit card information as appropriate.  There are no restrictions against visitors using the Site anonymously.  The Site only collects personal identification information from Users upon voluntary submission of said information, however submitting such information may be necessary to engage in certain activities on the Site, such as purchasing products.

The Site may also collect other, non-personal information about Users such as technical information relating to how Users are connecting to the Site.

Third-Party Accounts and User Information

If you link third party accounts, such as social media accounts, to the Site in any way, those third parties may pass certain information to BlizzBroz.  The data BlizzBroz receives is dependent upon the privacy settings you have assigned to those third-party accounts, and it is the User’s responsibility to ensure they have the proper privacy settings in place before linking any third-party accounts.


The Site may use “cookies” to improve User experience.  Cookies are mainly used for record-keeping and tracking purposes.  Users may refuse to use cookies on the Site, although doing so may interfere with the Site’s ability to function properly.

Storage and Processing

Any information the Site collects may be processed and kept in any country in which BlizzBroz or any third parties which BlizzBroz interacts with maintain facilities.  BlizzBroz may transfer information that we collect about you to any third party regardless of the geographic location of that entity.  Please note that this may expose any information you provide to BlizzBroz or which BlizzBroz collects about you from linked third party accounts or cookies to regions with different laws than your local jurisdiction governing the regulation of personal data and privacy.


While BlizzBroz has reasonable security measures in place regarding the protection of your data, these security measures are not infallible.  In the event of a breach of security, BlizzBroz will take appropriate action to investigate the breach and mitigate any present security concerns, as well as any other steps that may be necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Users may come across advertising or content on the Site that links to other sites and services.  BlizzBroz does not control and is not responsible for the content on these sites.  External sites may have different terms of use, privacy policies, and other regulations than BlizzBroz that Users may be subject to.

Sharing Your Information

BlizzBroz does not provide Users’ personal identification information to others in exchange for any sort of compensation.  BlizzBroz may share demographic information that’s not directly linked to any personal identification information.  BlizzBroz may share personal identification information with third-party service providers for limited business and administrative purposes, provided that you have given us your permission for any purposes that would require it, such as sending you surveys or newsletters.

GDPR Policy Updates

Type of Data BlizzBroz Collects and Stores

Data including the User’s first name, email address, address, and credit card information is mandatory only in order for the user to purchase and ship products.

Users may be able to register accounts on the Site.  A User’s name and email may be requested for this registration.  Users may also be able to take part in other activities on the Site, and have the option of submitting the data requested by any activity made available by the Site to Users.

Users may visit the Site anonymously.  The Site only collects personal identification information if it is voluntarily submitted.

Opting Out of BlizzBroz Communications

BlizzBroz stores contact information in order to communicate with Users and customers on relevant occasions, such as for product or security updates or to send receipts of purchase.  Users may decline further non-mandatory communications by unsubscribing to any emails sent from BlizzBroz or by contacting our customer service at blizzbroz@gmail.com.com.

The Host of BlizzBroz Customer Data

BlizzBroz uses the WordPress Engine services cloud to host its customer data.

Retention of BlizzBroz Customer Data

BlizzBroz maintains customer data until the data is deleted or deemed ‘inactive.’  Users can delete their accounts by contacting our customer service at blizzbroz@gmail.com.com.

How to Contact Us

Please direct any and all questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any aspect(s) of the Site to:

(800) 806-7330

Changes to This Privacy Policy

BlizzBroz can update this Privacy Policy at any time and at its sole discretion.  Using the Site constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy.  You are forbidden from using the Site if you do not accept any of the provisions laid forth in this Privacy Policy, or in the Terms and Conditions.  Users are encouraged to frequently check the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to stay abreast of any updates.  Users must acknowledge and accept that it is their responsibility to stay up-to-date regarding any changes made to the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.